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Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates

Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates

DESCRIPTION: At first, expecting her new job to be easy, Jade Darcy is oblivious to the religious strife wracking the world of Restaapa.

Jade and Megan Cafferty, her employer, discover that the Restaapans are in the process of choosing a new heir to the throne. During this process, the candidates hatch plots against anyone they see as a danger to their victory. Each one of them will go to any extreme, even murder, to assure his election as Restaapa's heir.

Jade and Megan are pegged as threats that must be eliminated. And Jade has the difficult task of restoring order to Restaapa as well as protecting her own life.

This is the second published volume in the Rehumanization of Jade Darcy series.

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"Long before there were any buffed Xenas or xenophobic Buffies in the pantheon of fighting females, there existed a remarkable woman warrior named Jade Darcy: a computer-assisted mercenary so formidable and so smart that the Dark Angel, Friday and the Bionic Woman together would have hesitated to piss her off--yet so emotionally mixed up that she broke your heart. Even better: unlike any of those ladies just named, this jade's adventures were most definitely not rated PG. Indeed it was her creators' deep insight into female sexuality and spirituality, as much as their mastery of action scenes, that gave Jade Darcy an uncommon plausibility, a realness, so often missing in other woman-warrior fictions. The restoration to print of the two volumes of the Rehumanization of Jade Darcy series is long overdue, and most welcome; you'll have to go a long way to find a more addictive heroine."

--Spider Robinson

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"I have read this book at least five times and always reach the end of it with joy and regret."--A Customer Complete review

"I've read and re-read both this and its prequel "Jade Darcy & The Affair of Honor" more times than I can count... A *definite read for the SF adventure buff in search of something a little different. =)"--A Customer Complete review

"Jade Darcy is one of the most memorable characters in SciFi."--A Customer Complete review

"I have re-read this book a dozen times."--A Customer Complete review

"This is a complex story with interesting backstories and a fascinating world and alien culture, presented with an action-packed, kung fu-movie-meets-science-fiction flair."--CeciM Complete review

"I bought this novel on a whim 25 years ago... Still one of my favorite action/adventure/sci-fi novels after all these years."--Thomas Ayles Complete Review

"The world building is wonderful. The alien species and their culture is outstanding. The storyline is complex. And the action is non-stop... This is science fiction storytelling at its timeless best."--T. Jackson King Complete review

"The plot, the story and the characters are well handled and well executed."--S. Marsh Complete review

"Good action, humor, and great alien culture."-E. P. McLean Complete review

"Political intrigue is raised to new levels, dominating some subplots."--Trelligan Complete review

And get the book that started it all: JADE DARCY AND THE AFFAIR OF HONOR

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