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A World Called Solitude

A World Called Solitude Paperback Edition

DESCRIPTION: Birk Aaland is a political outcast from Earth's tyranny, and has been living for years on a planet inhabited solely by robots, ever since his ship crashed here. Now another ship has crashed, and there is again a single survivor -- a woman who's desperate to warn Earth of an alien invasion. But Birk is perfectly happy with his current exile -- until a twist of fate intervenes, causing each of them to re-evaluate their lives and their total existence.

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"The story gains an emotionality that justifies calling Goldin an artist, not merely a writer."--Tom Easton, Analog Magazine

"incredible. could not put down. "--Toni Complete review

"Its a great read, I highly recommend it."--A Customer Complete review

"one of the cornerstones of my book-collection. "--A Cistomer Complete review

"A World Called Solitude is a worthwhile read."--Mitchell Glodek Complete review

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