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Shrine of the Desert Mage

Shrine of the Desert Mage

DESCRIPTION: Starting from the fabled holy city of Ravan, two paths diverge that will take their respective travelers to the farthest reaches of Parsina. The black-hearted thief Hakem Rafi comes into possession of the ultimate power of evil, while the storyteller Jafar al-Sharif and his daughter Selima begin a longer involuntary journey that will test the limits of their ingenuity. But first, they must fool the world's greatest wizard into believing that they, too, are practitioners of the mystic arts.

Thus begins the Parsina Saga, a journey through a world of djinni, flying carpets and high adventure in exotic realms -- with the fate of the world at stake. 

Read the entire series:

Book 1: Shrine of the Desert Mage
Book 2: The Storyteller and the Jann
Book 3: Crystals of Air and Water
Book 4: Treachery of the Demon King

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"I would certainly recommend the Shrine of the Desert Mage by Stephen Goldin as an enjoyable and rewarding read; for its rich prose, clever and well-crafted story and its interesting and engaging re-telling of the age-old tale of good versus evil."--Awesome Indies Complete review

"If you are looking for a fantasy that is not a clone of furry-footed folk in a quasi-England or another gloomy barbarian stomping through civilization, The Shrine of the Desert Mage might be it. "--Matthew Higgins Complete review

"The characters are what make this series a must-read."--Ray Complete review

"I love love love this story!... I think the writing is brilliant! The story is unique (at least for me) and very interesting."--Jodie Nielsen. Complete review

"This book is no less than brilliant!" -- Sannie Hald. Complete review

"If you love a fantasy novel that is more fairy tale than anything else, this book is for you."--Delilah Draken Complete review

"I think this is a great story, beautiful writing style, in-depth analysis and presentation of a totally different culture, and spell-binding story."--Wei Cho Complete review

"If you like well-written fantasy, you'll love these books."--Mrs. William Meyers Complete review

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