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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt cover, paperback edition

DESCRIPTION: It was supposed to be a game. The idle rich of galactic Society loved to invent useless little games to keep themselves occupied--and the greatest was the Scavenger Hunt. Visit different worlds, pick up hard-to-get items that can't simply be bought, and have a fine time. A clever way to pass empty moments.

Tyla deVrie and her twin brother, Bred, follow the family tradition of entering the Scavenger Hunt. But little do they realize as they hop from planet to planet aboard Bred's decadent space yacht that the Scavenger Hunt is far more than a game; it will irrevocably change their lives. That is, if it doesn't end them first.

NOTE: This book was originally published by Laser Books in two parts, Scavenger Hunt and Finish Line. The Parsina Press edition is complete in one volume, as it was originally intended.

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"Honestly, I could use every exclamatory word in the dictionary, and it wouldn't be a good enough word to describe how excellent this novel is... This is one of the best science fiction novels I have ever read."--Linell Jeppsen Complete review

"Stephen Goldin's scifi adventure novel Scavenger Hunt is one hell of a ride in adventure land!"--T. Jackson King Complete review

"Highly recommended. " (Review of Finish Line)--Clerk02 Complete review

" Good read for a rainy day"--Gregg Complete review

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