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Trek to Madworld

Trek to Madworld

DESCRIPTION: The Enterprise, along with a Klingon and a Romulan shiop, is teleported into a strange dimension by a mad Organian with a riddle to besolved...and the first ones to solve it get anything they want. Captain Kirk and his crew must solve the the problem first--or the balanceof power in the galaxy will be destroyed forever.

A story in the tradition of The Trouble with Tribbles, and with an Introduction by David Gerrold.

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"This is a new adventure molded in the shape of the TOS series."--Norman Hawley

"It was very entertaining. I really enjoyed it!"--A Customer

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"Trek to Madworld is well written and has a very episodic feel to it (a good thing)."--Steve King Complete review


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Bantam Edition, 19792nd EditionBritish EditionAustralian EditionItalian Edition German EditionJapanese Edition

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