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Crystals of Air and Water

Crystals of Air and Water

DESCRIPTION: Continuing his reluctant odyssey, the storyteller Jafar al-Sharif must cope with fiendish assassins, a city of apes, the King of the Winds, the Isle of Illusions and a mysterious long-vanished underwater city as he attempts to save the life of his beloved daughter.

This is Book 3 of the Parsina Saga, a journey through a world of djinni, flying carpets and high adventure in exotic realms -- with the fate of the world at stake. 

Read the entire series:

Book 1: Shrine of the Desert Mage
Book 2: The Storyteller and the Jann
Book 3: Crystals of Air and Water
Book 4: Treachery of the Demon King

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Read some of the author's personal comments about the series.

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"The action continues with the same swashbuckling dash as found in the previous Parsina books."--Milo Molesworth Complete review

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