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Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor


Jader Darcy and the Affair of Honor


DESCRIPTION: For the past five years, Jade Darcy has not seen another human being. A computer-augmented mercenary, she lives on the planet Cablans, a stopover point for traders from hundreds of worlds -- and a good place to meet customers who need the services of a skilled warrior.

She turns down what she considers a suicide assignment: traveling to an enslaved world to assassinate one of its military leaders. But then she learns there's another human being on Cablans -- a human being with the potential to expose Jade's mysterious past, with possibly fatal results.

All of a sudden, a suicide mission looks positively appetizing....

This is the first published volume in the Rehumanization of Jade Darcy series.

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"Long before there were any buffed Xenas or xenophobic Buffies in the pantheon of fighting females, there existed a remarkable woman warrior named Jade Darcy: a computer-assisted mercenary so formidable and so smart that the Dark Angel, Friday and the Bionic Woman together would have hesitated to piss her off--yet so emotionally mixed up that she broke your heart. Even better: unlike any of those ladies just named, this jade's adventures were most definitely not rated PG. Indeed it was her creators' deep insight into female sexuality and spirituality, as much as their mastery of action scenes, that gave Jade Darcy an uncommon plausibility, a realness, so often missing in other woman-warrior fictions. The restoration to print of the two volumes of the Rehumanization of Jade Darcy series is long overdue, and most welcome; you'll have to go a long way to find a more addictive heroine."

--Spider Robinson

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"If you are a fan of science fiction... then you should read Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor. I think you will find it believable on all the levels that count and thoroughly enjoyable. I know I did."--Tracy Riva Complete review

"I believe the two books in this series to be the best I've ever read."--Jim Phillips Complete review

"This was a GREAT book."--A Customer Complete review

"This was a simply wonderful book that I enjoyed immensely."--Silmarwen Complete review

"I have both this book and the second Jade Darcy book. Bought them both several years ago and loved them. Periodically I pull them out and read them again."--Mary Veelle Complete review

"If I had to pick only ten books to have on the bookshelf for the rest of my life, I would select the two Jade Darcy books as part of the ten."--DF "avid reader D" Complete review

"This is a non-stop, heart-pounding, super enjoyable story that will take the reader on a trip to a reality far different from routine Earth spy battles. Highly recommended."--T. Jackson King Complete review

"This is one of those science fiction classics, published back in the days when science fiction wasn't popular and their authors really had to work at being GOOD... I am really excited to see it in Kindle edition."--G. Lockhart Complete review

"It has an almost mystic feel about parts of it."--hsbrezne Complete review

"This book is real science-fiction... a complex tale set in a complex universe, of real human (or alien) emotion."-- Top of the Heap Book Reviews Complete review

"I really felt for the character, and it affected me deeply to read about her."--Amazon Customer Complete review

"This is a fine sfi book with a future full of interesting worlds."--E. P. McLean Complete review

"In the end, it's the character of Jade that kept me hooked."--Empress Books Complete review

"Kept my attention by interspersing action, political intrigue, culture and biology of alien races, martial arts, as well as the personal interactions that reveal Jade's past."--Trelligan Complete review

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